The Great Ocean Ecolodge is ‘Getting it RIGHT’ when it comes to animal-tourism, says international wildlife charity

Engaging the community in wildlife conservation is an important activity of the Conservation Ecology Centre and the Great Ocean Ecolodge plays a key role in this. Our work and our approach has recently been recognised by Care for the Wild. You can read the full story here:

A Great Ocean Road based organisation has been given a seal of approval from an international wildlife charity which is focussing on the way animals are treated by tourists.

The Great Ocean Ecolodge, social enterprise of the Conservation Ecology Centre, will be featured on the website, which is run by Care for the Wild International. The website – dubbed ‘Trip Advisor for animal tourism’ – gives tourists information on how to enjoy animals while on holiday, without doing them harm.

Philip Mansbridge, CEO of Care for the Wild, said that teaming up with responsible tour operators was an important part of the project.

“RIGHT-tourism gives people factual information on every country in the world so people can avoid practices that harm animals, whether that be, for example, bull fighting or a badly managed zoo. But it’s important that we also point people to where things are being done correctly.

“Our Getting It RIGHT section does that by highlighting organisations that share the same ethos as we do when it comes to treating animals with respect. Therefore it’s fantastic to have the Great Ocean Ecolodge on board.”

Lizzie Corke, CEO of the Conservation Ecology Centre said: “We’re delighted to be teaming up with RIGHT-tourism. We’ve made stringent efforts to ensure that the holiday experience we offer people not only gives them a fantastic time, but also allows them to enjoy our wildlife without doing it any harm.

“With the work we are doing, and with the support of RIGHT-tourism, hopefully we can get more people thinking about the animals they come across on holiday, and ensure that we all respect them a bit more.”

Care for the Wild International has been funding wildlife projects since 1984. The project was set up to help inform people as to how ‘animals in tourism’ are treated around the world. Tourists are invited to feedback information to the site if they witness good or bad practices.