The Great Ocean Ecolodge

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We are committed to sustainable living, consequently, from its very conception we were determined to build and operate an ecotourism venture that is true in every way to our philosophy. The Conservation Ecology Centre’s research office is located on site, providing the perfect base from which our conservation team works to generate knowledge to nurture the Otways landscapes.

The Great Ocean Ecolodge and Conservation Ecology Centre are entirely self-sufficient and do not rely on public utilities. Power is provided by solar panels and rainwater is collected on site, filtered and heated by a solar hot water system. The Ecolodge is a passive solar design, keeping you warm during the winter and cool during the summer, and is decorated with timeless antique furniture.

Enjoy our ‘garden to plate’ menu where food miles are measured in footsteps from the Ecolodge’s kitchen garden. We also showcase local produce from farms across the Otways.